• Instability of critical infrastructures (bridges, viaducts, etc.)

  • Dams deformation monitoring

  • Landslides, natural gas deposits, sinking...

  • Glaciers displacements

  • DISPLAYCE is The low-cost early-warning and monitoring IoT solution...

  • ...all on your fingertips and everywhere!

Who we are

YETITMOVES is an Italian company, headquartered at EUCENTRE – University of Pavia, whose mission is the scientific research, design, development, production and marketing of innovative and high technology solutions and services in the field of Geomatics. YETITMOVES boasts a consolidated experience in GNSS data processing for high-precision static and kinematic positioning applications.
Since its foundation, YETITMOVES has been working with EUCENTRE (European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering) participating to international research projects, also with funding from the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA). Actually YETITMOVES is incubated at an ESA Business Incubation Centre.
YETITMOVES develops and markets innovative solutions, easy-to-use and low-cost, made according to the most advanced practices of Geomatics.
To tackle the problem of creating efficient and economical solutions dedicated to monitoring and early warning of critical infrastructures and areas subject to hydro-geological instability, YETITMOVES has developed DISPLAYCE, an innovative IoT solution based on single-frequency and high-tech GNSS sensors, able to compete, in terms of reliability, efficiency and measurement accuracy, with much more expensive instrumentation.
DISPLAYCE has already found its main users in large companies operating in the Energy and Transportation sectors, in the most important Italian Research Institutes, Universities, Civil Protection and Public Administrations.

Why to choose YETITMOVES?

The monitoring solutions developed by YETITMOVES allow the user to have, with the same budget, a larger number of monitoring points or, conversely, to reduce the overall costs of the realization. YETITIMOVES provides pre-sales assistance, studying customized solutions according to the Customer needs and the type of monitoring. All components (both hardware and software) are entirely produced and maintained by YETITMOVES. This allows a direct control in the installation and assistance phases facilitating the management of the data collection and analysis process.
YETITMOVES technology allows the remote control of the instrumentation so as to be able to assess remotely and quickly any interference caused by external environmental factors (vandalism, extreme weather events, etc.). In the post-sales phase the direct relationship between user and developer allows a more rapid understanding of the needs and therefore an immediate implementation of the solutions.

DISPLAYCE: IoT Solution for Monitoring and Early-warning of Displacements

In order to face the challenging problem of realizing efficient and cost-effective solutions dedicated to monitoring and early-warning of areas and critical infrastructures subject to hydro-geological instability, YETITMOVES has developed DISPLAYCE.

DISPLAYCE is an innovative and cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) solution based on low-cost single-frequency GNSS sensors capable to compete with expensive professional instruments in term of reliability and efficiency.


DISPLAYCE nodes are composed of lightweight, compact, low-power-consumption, single-frequency GNSS stations, power supply modules based on photo-voltaic panels and 868 MHz wireless interface for data transmission.

The gateway node transmits GNSS data in real-time to a processing server, where surface displacements are computed with millimeter level repeatability using state of the art software tools developed by YETITMOVES.

The server publishes computed data through REST web services. For this reason data can be easily integrated in already existing monitoring and early-warning dashboards.

A client desktop application (dashboard) shows the computed three-dimensional displacements, the status of monitoring network (batteries and photo-voltaic panels voltages, GNSS data quality, efficiency of wireless transmission, etc.), the system configuration parameters.

DISPLAYCE is able to automatically send periodic reports and alert messages through e-mails or Whatsapp.



Application fields:

  • Monitoring and early-warning of areas subject to hydro-geological instability (landslides, bradyseism, sinking, subsidence, etc.)

  • Monitoring and early-warning of critical infrastructures and sites such as pipelines, geothermal energy plants, dams, towers, high voltage pylons, chimneys, bridges, viaducts, railroads, motorways, ports, natural gas storage sites, schools, historical buildings, archaeological sites, building sites, river basins, quarries, etc.



Respect to GNSS commonly used for geophysical and structural monitoring applications, DISPLAYCE presents a series of innovative technological features:

  • DISPLAYCE sensors are light, small and completely autonomous from the point of view of data transmission and power supply (the battery is dimensioned to guarantee an autonomy of at least 10 days in the absence of an external power supply). These features make them easy and quick to install on the ground or on buildings or infrastructures

  • DISPLAYCE monitoring solution is complete: it includes everything needed for monitoring: GNSS sensors, real-time data transmission system, measurement acquisition and calculation software, client applications for displaying the measurement time series and monitoring network status, e-mail and/or SMS alert system in case of malfunctions or anomalous movements detected

  • DISPLAYCE receivers are cost-effective if compared to instrumentation traditionally used for these applications. They have comparable performances in terms of displacements repeatability. Even with a low budget it is possible to implement widespread monitoring networks on the area of interest

DISPLAYCE is compliant with the European standards (CE marking)


Download technical description



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Via Ferrata 1 - 27100 Pavia (Italy)



VAT. IT02672610181



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