What are cookies?

Cookies are information that a server can send to your computer, smartphone or tablet when you visit a website or a social network. The same server that transmitted them can then read and record cookies, to obtain information of various kinds.

What kind are they and what are they for?

Cookies can be:
  • Technical: they are used to make browsing faster and are used, for example, to save the contents of an online shopping cart, to memorize the choice of language of a site or to simplify payment transactions via home banking;
  • Profiling: they are used to monitor users while browsing. They record information about what you buy or you may want to buy, analyzing your reading and your preferences. In this way they offer information to customize the advertising that is sent to you based on your tastes, choices, preferences, lifestyles. Have you ever tried to find information on the destination of your next trip on Google, and then find yourself on Facebook promotional offers on that destination? Here, that is a proliferation cookie.
  • Third-party: it may happen that in a web page there are cookies from other sites, which are contained in other elements (such as the Facebook share button, or a YouTube video embedded in a web page). So the cookies you download can be read by other subjects and used to make profiling.
This web site uses technical and third-party cookies but no profiling ones.


We are interested in offering – day after day – a better service, so this site uses Google Analytics to understand how many people surf the site, how they do it and what are the topics they prefer to read. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google: on this website it is set up in such a way as to make your IP address anonymous. The data collected are stored on Google servers, which may decide to give them to third parties: know that if this happens, all of this will be anonymous and aggregated. For further information you can read directly the privacy policy and the use of Google Analytics data. If you do not want to appear among visitors to this site you can make yourself invisible by downloading an add-on for Google Analytics.


If you do not want your data to be recorded, you can choose to block cookies from your browser. Below you will find how to do:

This site uses cookies to improve users' browsing experience and to gather information on the use of the site.
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