Here a link to a new article on DISPLAYCE published in the proceedings of the 2018 ASITA conference follows (Italian only sorry!).
Monitoraggio di versante in continua con reti di ricevitori GNSS L1 a basso costo e a controllo remoto
An important company in the Energy sector chooses YETITMOVES for the geodetic monitoring of a natural gas storage site.
Here is the new stock ready for shipping!

YETITMOVES installs a landslide monitoring network near a railroad in Basilicata (Italy).
Hereafter some pictures of the DISPLAYCE points integrated within chain inclinometers, piezometers and extensometers.

The last version of DISPLAYCE dashboard features a new visualization modality specific for chain inclinometers with the possibility to set an arbitrary number of measurement points. DISPLAYCE is able to acquire data from the server side (at the moment through .csv files loaded by an external datalogger to an FTP server and in perspective acquired directly from a DISPLAYCE node). The visualization environment (see attached figure) shows, for each inclinometric point:

historic series of displacements in the two orthogonal directions;
stratigraphy of the whole chain in terms of displacements (module and components) and temperatures and polar graph of displacements;
planimetric displacement vector given a date and time and at a specific depth.

It is possible also to generate and transmit alarms via e-mail (similarly to what is already possible for GNSS displacements and telemetry) when user defined thresholds are exceeded.

YETITMOVES is looking for distributors abroad. If you have any specific competence in geodetic monitoring systems and you think to have opportunities in one or more countries just send a CV (or the CV of the Company you work for) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please leave references and allow us a little time to evaluate your profile and to answer to your request. In case we will send you our distributors program and start a partnership!

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